Viet Nam Energy Partnership Group
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technical working group on power sector strategic planning

Presentations of the Technical Working Group 1 Meeting: 04 November 2022

Meeting minutes: Download

VEPG Secretariat: Download

EREA/MOIT: Orientation of the energy transition in Vietnam: Download

DEPP: What-if Scenarios for power transition and recommendations for Viet Nam – Strategic objectives for a holistic scenario construction approach Download

IE: Role of Storage/Hydrogen in the energy system towards 2050: Download

DEPP: Balancing the power system towards 2050: what are the most cost-effective solutions? Download

Mitsubishi: Co-firing hydrogen with LNG in gas turbines: Technical and economic feasibility: Download

ETP/UNOPS: Options for the net-zero carbon emission roadmap of SOEs: Download

World Bank: Vietnam Country Climate and Development Report (CCDR): power system planning findings, implications and recommendations for implementation: Download