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Technical Working Groups

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Technical Working Groups (TWGs) contribute to the overall and specific objectives of the VEPG. Specifically, the TWGs prepare inputs into High Level Meetings (HLMs) which focus on policy dialogue. TWG operations address specific topics within the VEPG thematic areas and must complement dialogues on related matters in other partnerships or TWGs under the VEPG. TWGs study and discuss specific issues to deepen the policy and technical discourse.

technical working groups

Reports of Technical Working Groups Meetings

1st meeting (04 November 2022): Download

1st meeting (14 March 2022): Download

2nd meeting (09 March 2023) Download

1st Meeting (27 June 2022): Download

2nd Meeting (08 February 2023): Download

1st Meeting (12 May 2022): Download

2nd Meeting (09 December 2022): Download

1st Meeting in 2022 (27 May): Download

2nd Meeting in 2022 (30 November): Download

1st Meeting in 2023 (09 June): Download