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Tài liệu phiên họp

Ban thư ký VEPG: Download

Oil, Gas and Coal Department, MOIT: The current status and development orientation of the oil and gas market in Vietnam: Download

USAID: V-LEEP II support to development of energy sector regulations and planning: Download

PVGas: The development of the gas market in Vietnam and investment opportunities from perspective of enterprises: Download

AES group: Developing the LNG terminal project in accordance with the socio-economic condition and the energy market in Vietnam: Download

MOIT Oil, Gas and Coal Department: The current status and development orientation of the coal market in Vietnam: Download

USAID: Analysis of fossil fuel reduction scenarios in long term power sector planning: Download

Denmark: Flexible operation of thermal power plants: Download

ERAV/MOIT: The electricity market and development orientation of the competitive electricity market in Vietnam: Download

ERAV/MOIT: Direct Power Purchasing Agreement Status: Download

Asia Foundation: Emissions Trading System Impacts to Power Markets: Download

DOIT Binh Thuan: The role of the energy sector in local socio-economic development plans and the expectations of the local for technical assistance from international development organizations: Download