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VEPG’s Technical Working Group 4 organized the second meeting

The 2nd meeting of VEPG’s Technical Working Group 4 was held in Hanoi. Deputy Director General of EESD Trịnh Quốc Vũ and Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Patrick Haverman co-chaired the meeting.

Opening the meeting, Mr. Trịnh Quốc Vũ affirmed that energy efficiency has been even more meaningful since the Prime Minister of Vietnam pledged a net-zero by 2050 at COP26. This could be considered as significant momentum of energy efficiency. 

The 1st meeting of TWG4 was held in the beginning of 2022. There, energy-saving activities in the period of 2019-2021 were reviewed and evaluated. Some agreed priority topics were identified: review and amendment of the Law on Energy Efficiency and Conservation and related policies in the construction field and practical lessons on regulating energy benchmarking in some industrial sub-sectors.

In the 2nd meeting, ongoing activities related to those focal points were presented and discussed. The upcoming outcomes are expected to contribute significantly to improving energy efficiency, ensuring energy security and realizing the commitments to the carbon neutral goal, Mr. Trịnh Quốc Vũ emphasized. 

The VEPG Secretariat Board also shared the activity update report at the meeting. 

Experiences from international experts and Vietnamese experts were delivered in different sessions. 

In Session One, EESD presented updated policies and regulations related to energy efficiency within the “Research on amendments to the Law on Energy Efficiency and Conservation” presentation. DEPP Representative also delivered a presentation titled “Energy efficiency role to the net-zero goal by 2050”.

In Session Two, Activities to promote energy efficiency, GIZ Representative shared international experiences of energy efficiency promotion by appropriate financial mechanisms. When an ongoing project co-organized by MOIT and WB using economic support to promote energy efficiency, VSUEE project, was given and discussed. 

Session Three, hosted by UNDP Representative, was for new findings on the energy efficiency of the construction field. 

The main room of Session Four, The Conclusion, was for discussion on the 2023 plan with some focal points: TWG4’s priority topics in 2023 and the action plan and establishment of new specialized groups.

Hoàng Lan – Quang Ngọc

Source: DEPP3.