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Earth Hour 2019: Joining hands to “Save Energy, Save the Earth”

The Earth Hour call for the contribution to protecting the Earth through specific and practical actions and express their response by turning off lights and unnecessary electrical equipment during the Earth Hour from 20:30 to 21:30 pm on 30 March 2019

What is the Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is an initiative of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) aiming to raise public awareness of climate change and energy saving in the world which was first organized in 2007. Since then, it has become the world’s largest community event annually held in March with participation of numerous citizens, social organizations and enterprises from more than 7,000 cities and towns across 172 countries and territories.

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Earth Hour 2019 in Viet Nam

In Viet Nam, the Earth Hour programme was first organized under direction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) in 2009. Over 10 years of participation, the Earth Hour in Viet Nam has widely spread and made positive changes to the community and people on energy saving and environmental protection.

On 10 March 2019, MoIT officially launched the Viet Nam Earth Hour 2019 Campaign at the Martyrs Monument (in Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi) sending the message “Save Energy, Save the Earth”.

The official launch of Viet Nam Earth Hour 2019

Why does energy saving always go with protection of the environment and the earth?

According to authorities’ figures, Viet Nam, despite of many attempts, is still one of the countries with the highest level of electricity and energy use per GDP compared to other countries in the region. The demand for power and energy increases by 10% yearly, higher than the GDP growth rate. The cost of energy in product prices is also higher than that of the countries of the same technological level giving rise to big impacts on efficiency of our economy in general and of business establishments and households as well. A more economical and efficient use of power and energy will help improve the economy in general and business efficiency and reduce the burden on power costs for each household. And that is why saving energy is critical.

According to MoIT, the production and use of energy is the main cause of greenhouse gas emission which is a key factor leading to climate change and serious impacts on human life, the environment and the earth. “Save energy” is therefore to enhance efficiency of the life and the economy and to “save the earth” as well.

A call for action

MoIT called upon all organizations, individuals, families and enterprises to contribute to protection of the earth by specific and practical actions and express their response by turning off lights and unnecessary electrical equipment during the Earth Hour from 20:30 to 21:30 pm on 30 March 2019.

This year as the 11th year of the Earth Hour also marks a new stage of the Programme. With the slogan “Save Energy, Save Earth”, the Earth Hour and its ambassadors will convey more meaningful and fruitful messages, thereby widely spreading the significance and calling upon the community to actively respond and take actions to save our living planet. The Earth Hour aims at saving energy and changing behaviors as well to start a green lifestyle for a better world for ourselves and for future generations. In this sense, the Earth Hour functions as a symbolic period for connection, consensus and actions of the community, businesses and the whole society to conduct power saving, energy saving, environmental protection and response to global climate change activities.

For nearly a month, a lot of the Campaign activities will be organized such as commitment to economical and efficient use of electricity in businesses and households, connection with factories to fulfill power saving in production initiative, discussion on the topic of “Green energy solutions for future”, outdoor art exhibition activities in residential communities, use of communication media and social networks to spread the humanistic significance of the Campaign, and live broadcasting of the Light-off Ceremony on VTV channel, etc.

This year’s Campaign intends to ask all individuals and organizations in Viet Nam to take part in energy-saving activities with the simplest action of turning off lights and unnecessary electrical equipment for one hour of the Earth Hour event followed by further actions towards environmental protection and climate changes adaption.

According to recorded information, for the first time of integrating with the global Earth Hour Campaign in 2009, the event engaged only 6 provinces and cities in the nationwide. The event has so far successfully attracted 63 cities and provinces and received great response of organizations, businesses and residents as well.

The Earth Hour 2019 Ambassadors

To inspire and encourage the community to actively participate in and respond to the Earth Hour, reputed and prestigious faces who make great contribution to the society and positive influence on the community have been invited as Ambassadors of the Campaign. The Earth Hour 2019 Ambassadors, as announced by the Organization Committee in the Launch Ceremony, include:

Miss H’Hen Niê – Miss Universe Viet Nam 2017, Top 5 in Miss Universe 2018, Earth Hour 2018 Ambassador. H’Hen Nie is famous in the community for her saying: “I can do it. You can do it”.

Mr. Lê Vĩnh Sơn – Founder and Chairman of Son Ha Group. His stated business philosophy is “Son Ha is proud of being a 100% Viet Namese manufacturer with the goal of bringing trust to Viet Namese consumers about domestic production. Son Ha pledges not to invest in industries that encroach on natural resources and affect living quality of our Viet Namese people”.

Mr. Ousmane Dione – Country Director of World Bank in Viet Nam who has over 20 years of experience in leading national and regional multi-sectoral programs on water, urban development and environment in Africa, South Asia, Latin America and East Asia Pacific, etc.

Mr. Hoàng Nam Tiến – Chairman of FPT Software who gives inspiration to the Vietnamese youth, especially in the field of Start-up with Industry 4.0.

Dr. Đặng Hoàng Giang – a social activist and author of the attentive and inspirational books such as “Bức xúc không làm ta vô can” (roughly translated as We all concern about burning social issues), “Thiện, ác và chiếc smartphone” (The Good, the Bad and the Smartphone), “Điểm đến cuộc đời” (The Destination of Life), etc.

The Earth Hour Campaign this year is supported by Viet Nam Electricity (EVN), Daikin Viet Nam and Ha Noi Beer Alcohol and Beverage Joint Stock Corporation.

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Text and Photos from: Web Portal of MoIT